Monday, September 28, 2009

Food Lion-Deal of the Day

This week my favorite Food Lion has Ground Chuck on sale for $1.68lb. but when I went to get some I was excited to find some on clearance making it just .99 cents a lb! What a blessing!! I paid $15 for three giant packs, came home and fixed several meals.

Up first, two meat loaves......
next taco meat for taco salad and later taco soup......
then hamburgers with a few extra for lunch the next day......
then meat balls! My friend Tracey at Girls to Grow made meat balls last week and I remembered how delicious they looked. When my kids saw these it was their vote for dinner!
The stove received a good work out today! I also had enough to make two batches of ground beef for a pot of spaghetti and impossible cheeseburger pie. With in an hour and a half I had several meals made and placed in the freezer. Now on to the next task at hand...laundry! Hope you have a productive day!


  1. Wow - I'm impressed!! You have been one busy lady! Doesn't it feel good to have some meals already prepared and put away for those really crazy evenings?! Gotta love it!

  2. You are very busy today. I am trying to get a list together for my shopping trip since last week was so very busy. I was just wondering when you make your meatloaf ahead do you freeze it after you cook it or do you just put it in the freezer ready to pull out, thaw and cook?
    I truly enjoy reading your blog and getting some excellent ideas. :)
    Thanks, Vicki

  3. I like to freeze mine uncooked. If I am not going to be home the day we have it, then I just toss it into the crockpot. When I get home its hot and ready to eat. I love the crockpot liners! When cooking meat loaf I add about 2 tbsp of water to the crock pot before adding the liner. If you need smaller portions then I would cook it, slice it, then freeze. This way you can just pull out what you need for that meal. That is what I do for my parents. Hope this helps! Thanks for stopping by our blog and leaving a comment.