Friday, September 18, 2009

Making Plans

Caleb had plans in his mind that he wanted to do for Kyles party and nothing was going to stand in his way of making this the best birthday party ever! The first plan he had was to get poster board and make a "huge" birthday card! Off to Big Lots we went. I thought there were not many people in Big Lots to make him sick so off we went.
He had so much fun making this card. He knew just what he wanted and worked hard drawing first with pencil then coloring it in.

Of course it had to have a skateboarder and a ramp! I mean what is a birthday with out a skateboard!!!
Since this was the day before his birthday that we went shopping Caleb decided it would be fantastic if they had a pre-birthday party party! He found this Garfield movie for $3 and a package of cookies that "they never had before" for a whole $1.80 so for under $5 they had supplies for a pre-party party!
Because Big Lots does not sell poster board we had to run into Dollar General just to get poster board and ended up finding a few more treasures! Caleb came to me and had all this in his hand and was so excited to find "birthday stuff!" He was almost jumping up and down when he found these items and could not believe he they had a 14 for the cake!!!
This was the best gift he found and could not wait to give it to him! I thought he was just going to give it to him in the morning but nope, he had a special plan for this little $1 treasure!
Before we left on this little shopping trip he asked his brother what his favorite candy was. While at the store he found all Kyles favorites so of course we had to get all three because, "Mom, its Kyle's birthday!" Up next, the party....

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