Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Halloween Costumes

When I was little we enjoyed every holiday and look forward to them with great anticipation. Mom and Dad were great about taking the good and letting go of the bad and allowing us to enjoy every holiday Easter Bunny and all. One of my favorites was Halloween/Fall Carnival. Getting dressed up and of course getting candy was so much fun. Having 6 kids and living on a Pastors salary there was no extra money to buy costumes so my Mom always came up with amazing ideas. I can remember one year she made me a dress out of newspaper! Now we enjoy the holiday with our boys. Although we don't go trick or treating anymore we take a day off school, go to the seed store and purchase hay, flowers, pumpkins and decorate the front porch. We then go load up on good candy and fill the pumpkin. We plan a fun menu of finger food and rent a scary movie (ok, its usually a comedy but we say through the movie, its so scary! LOL!) We then sit back and wait for the kids to come to the door. Its so cute seeing all the costumes and smiles when you give them a hand full of candy or last year we gave popcorn balls which was a huge hit (no, I did not make them, got them from Wal-Mart!). Last year we kept seeing a flash out the window after a while we wondered what it was and when we opened the door we saw people using our porch as a back drop for photos!
That was a nice compliment.

Buying costumes can get expensive but sites like this one here make for a great deal. Monday - Friday at 9AM they offer $5 or under costumes. Now, I know, many of them I would not allow in my home but you can do like my parents did, take the good throw out the bad. Hope you have a great day planning for a fun holiday with your family.

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