Friday, September 18, 2009

Its A Party!!!

Mark (my honey) and I have talked alot about the training of our children. One area that we have worked on is training them to love one another. When we had a second child we worked hard to create unity between the boys not allow the green eyed monster of jealousy to come between them. From day one Caleb has looked up to Kyle and does just what Kyle says to do. They have their moments of boys being boys but for the most part we are truly blessed with their relationship. They are best buddies. In fact our youngest who is 7 years younger asked if he could start doing more school work so he could go to college with his older brother. We are not looking forward to that day because we know the ache of separation will be great. They love doing special thing for each other and when one is hurting the other is right there to cheer them up. Because the boys are still not feeling well we had to forgo plans for a birthday sleepover and camping trip. Our youngest, age 8, took it upon himself to plan a party for his brother! He had in his mind what he wanted to do to celebrate and he put the plans in motion. First up the cake!

Becaue of coupons we had several cake mixes in the house so Caleb took the different flavors to Kyle and let him pick out which one he wanted. Caleb thought it was so funny that a cake was called carrot! He thought is was even stranger that Kyle would choose "carrot" cake for his birthday cake and not chocolate! Caleb said, "Well, its his birthday but I don't know why he wants this kind, who wants carrots in cake!"
Thanks to the cooking classes this summer he knew how to make a cake and I had to do very little work to help him. I did have to intervean a little when he wanted to leave half the batter in the pan for Kyle to eat! He said, "But Mom, its his birthday and he likes to lick the bowl!" I had to explain, licking the bowl was fun but eatting half the batter would not be so much fun!!!

He was so excited when the cake cooled and he could add the frosting! We baked the cake in the morning and these cute candles, well, they were adjusted ALL day, making sure they were just right for his big brother!
Up next......birthday party plans...

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