Monday, August 23, 2010

Chuck E. Cheese Rewards!!!

Looking for a fun way to reward your kids for their accomplishments? Download and print free reward calendars to help your kids develop in areas that are some of the most common challenges of parenting, then head over to Chuck E. Cheese for some play time!
Go here to choose the calendar of your choice. Its a fun way to reward your child and come makes you look like the best Mom in the world! A win, win!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I've been on the hunt for a lamp for the boys room and I finally found this beauty.
She is ready to go right on their dresser! No painting or
cleaning needed at all...well, I did need to dust her off!
She even came with a great burlap shade which I just love!

Getting her for just $2.49 was the perfect price too! She is going to look great on their dresser and no more harsh overhead a relaxing lamp!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Party Favors

Its a great time to not only stock up on school supplies but party favors too! Think about all the birthday parties you'll attend through the school year or party favors you'll need for your own parties. Its a great time to stock up and have some fun items on hand to throw together a gift or favor.
This week I was asked to make party favors for a first grade Sunday School class. Its going to be a big day and the teacher wanted to give each child a special gift.

See what you can make for under $1.75!!
Here is the break down of what we filled each box with.
  • Pencil Box.....60
  • Crayons.........25
  • Juice..............20
  • Glue Stick.....12
  • 2 Pencils.......08
  • 2 Erasers......05
  • Ribbon..........35

I'm having a little back to school lunch at my house this week too.

We have the best neighbors so we've invited them to join us!
Its nice having a girl come along so I could purchase something pink!

Here is the care package break down for our party
  • Clip Board on Clearance for......$2.00
  • Pencil Box......................................$1.00
  • Notebook........................................$ .15
  • 4-Pencils.........................................$ .15
  • 4-Erasers........................................$ .10
  • Glue Sticks.....................................$ .25
  • Juice................................................$ .20


We're going to have a great time this week at our back to school bash. I've always dreaded the kids going back to school, I guess because its another year closer to them leaving the nest. I know its going to come but I cherish the time with them and try to enjoy every single day. I hope you do too!

Happy School Year 2010-2011

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thrift Shop Day

I sure have enjoyed staging my home getting everything ready to paint! I wanted to get it staged first then once the furniture is in place its all going to get a good painting. So far I've chosen the wall & trim color, moved furniture, replaced a few pieces I needed to fill in the gaps and I'm almost ready to start sanding and painting!!! I've been visiting local thrift shops and picking up a few items needed to finish the look of my living room & dining room but I've enjoyed shopping in my home too! I've moved things from one room to another and I'm enjoying the new look. Today I found.....

I love this frame but for some reason I held it, put it back, held it put it back then I had to laugh at myself! Why did I laugh? I laughed because it was only .65 cents and I was acting as if it were $65!!!
I LOVE candles!!! I burn a ton in the winter so when I see them on sale I always stock up! I found this one brand new for just $1!! It had a Christmas label on it but that came off very easy!! $1 was just my style!!

After finding the candle I looked over and saw this! It does not look that great in the photo but wrapped around the candle and it just glistens. It was also a whopping .65 cents!

I'm not sure if these are coasters but I loved them! The coloring is just perfect for my living room and maybe for a fall table. I got 4 of them for just .99 cents. I put them on the coffee table and when I walked away I could hear them talking about how happy they were to be in our home! tee hee!!!

Oh, how I love the tray I found today! Its very heavy and I love the rustic hardware. The base is dark wicker with a glass top. Its going to look great on my new coffee table! The tray was $4.99!!

I love how they all came together! The little statue I purchased about a month ago as I love geese! The statue was .99 cents.

This was my favorite piece today. Since we have a tiny home everything I purchase has to have storage in mind. My living room can't handle a regular size coffee table so I've been looking for a small one that I could add baskets to the bottom. This was labeled as a TV stand but when I saw the dimensions I knew it would fit perfectly in my living room and at a price of just $5.99 I knew it was coming home with me! Its going to get a good sanding and a coat of paint and some new baskets on the bottom which I am sure will hold something interesting!
Today I spent $15.30!!!
I can't wait to get started painting but I must be honest....its going to have to wait until it cools off a little!! Painting in 100 degree temp is just not happening! Until then I'll keep staging, washing walls and planning!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kirkland's Love!!

I'm so excited Kirklands is back in town!!! I feel like the lady who walked in the store right after me. She walked in with her friend and they both started talking and one raised her hands and made an ahhhh sound that sounded like something from the Sound of Music then she said; "I hear angels singing!!!" She was extremely excited!!! The store was humming with ladies talking and giggling and one lady running from department to department!!! Mark looked at me and said;
"Your smiling, do you hear angels too?" I so did!!

While we were out shopping for his office we also enjoyed seeing all the goodies that matched the coloring of our house. Mark loved this chair and he could not believe I had my camera with me! He had a good laugh at me snapping photos in the store!

He loved the leather I love this one!! Oh, it would look so good in my living room!!! DREAMING....

Fall is my favorite time of year so when I saw these I was wishing
for cool weather and a glass of hot cyder!! Then I went outside and needed a snow cone!!

Candles!!!! My Favorite!!!! Look at the personalised ones....LOVE THOSE!!!
These will make great gifts and at $4.99 a great deal too!

and I continued to dream and decorate my living/dining room.......
so much for Mark's office, there is always another day for that!!
This is fun! Go here to vote for a new Kirkland's Designer!
I picked my favorite...who was your favorite?

They send coupons via email so go here to sign up!
Where is your favorite place to shop? I would love to hear from you!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Book It! Reward Reading

We love Book It! Book It is a reward program for reading! Book It and Pizza Hut have teamed up for a great reward program! They send you coupons for free personal pan pizza. You set reading goals October - March for your kids then take the coupons to Pizza Hut for free rewards! What I love is they allow home school kids to participate. Home School families or teachers go here to join and start rewarding your kids...for FREE!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Emergen-C Vitamin

Go here for a FREE sample of Emergen-C from This time you get three samples

  • Emergen-C Vitamin D

  • Emergen-C Calcium Bone Health Formula

  • Emergen-C Immune+

Go here for a sample of Emergen-C Blue

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Learning Something New - French or Cuban?

Today when I went to get some French bread for Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches the deli manager was so helpful and asked do you want French or Cuban? I had no idea, I just always get French so I asked the question; "What is the difference?" She informed me French is made with sugar and oil and Cuban is not! Wow! I did not know that! I took one of each so I could taste the difference! I could not tell much of a difference so its Cuban from now on! Did you know that? I learned something new today!

Friday, August 6, 2010

He Loves Me

I knew it wouldn't take long to fill my new little green vase, but I did not know it would happen so fast! Remember when I told you it was going to be used for Mommy flowers from the yard? Well....

when my Honey came home today he brought me these beauties! He said; "I thought of you when I saw the pink daisy!" Okay, now everyone say awwwww!!! I sure did!
Isn't she beautiful! I love her and I knew just where she was a special spot so she could shine!
It only took an hour and she was filled and smiling with pride!

Then she found a special place to rest so she could bring a smile to my face every time I see her!

Thank you Honey for making me feel special yet again! I'm truly blessed!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Great Thrift Shop Day

I've been so busy the past few weeks and I've been in thrift shop withdrawal. Today was fun day in our house so we went swimming at my brothers house in their beautiful pool, had a picnic and then hit the thrift store! I planned to go to two but we found so many treasures, one store was enough excitement for the day!

My honey and I have wanting to get my Dad a real butterfly collections for about a year. We've seen them in the mall and at the market downtown but one this size was about $75. We just did not think it wise to spend that much money.....but today.

was Grandpa's day because this beauty was on a shelf for just $3.99!!! When we saw it the boys and I both gasped!! We were so excited and when I saw the price I knew it was coming home with us and that Grandpa was going to love it...and he did!!!

I love this laundry hamper! My son looked at it and said; "Mom you know it has a stain on it?" I was so excited because its going to fit perfectly in my room! I can't wait to show you what I'm going to do with her. She has great bones and is quite heavy and for just .99 cents I could not leave her alone!

Isn't this pretty! I've been waiting one to layer on my table. She is going to get a good spray paint and glazing to bring out some great details. I can't wait to put her on my table and show her off!

Look at the details! Its going to be so pretty when she is redone!!!
The $1.99 price tag was perfect!

Aren't these cute!!! Can't you just see a candle in the clear one and the little green one I just LOVE! Its going to be a great home to all those Mommy flowers I get from the yard.
It was marked down to just .25 cents

I've been waiting one of these for a long time! I love to use it for scrapbook and school! It was a great deal at just $3.99. Its razor sharp and ready for a some great projects!!

This little guy is going to be so cute after a good coat of paint! I think he is just too cute and for just .99 cents he begged me to bring him home! It did not take to much begging!!

and now for my favorite item of the day.......

These heavy duty beauties were a steal!!! I got both for just $12.99!!!
There going to get a good makeover too.
I can't wait to show them to you again.

It was a great day! I spent $30.50 total including a large bucket of Lego's and a bag of 8 decks of trick cards and card cases for our oldest son! He totaled that bag up and it was worth about $25 so we had a great day! Now, I've got to get busy on some projects....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vacation On The Moon!!!

Okay, so we weren't on the moon but it sure felt like we were! It was a beautiful spot set on top of the mountain. Being a scared of heights it was quite a challenge for me driving up the mountain!! It was one lane road, with 90 degree turns and a incline that scared me to death! Even my Dad who was a truck driver was a little nervous. The incline was so steep you had to lay on the head rest and the van would only go 15 mph!! Just about the time you thought you were at the top, we would turn the 90 degree turn and there was another incline, 7 total and yes, when we got to the top I was in tears!
Being on top of the mountain was beautiful. I didn't go on the balcony much...again to scared!!! The boys loved shooting their paintball guns and watching them fly!
We were above the city and the lights at night were least from the window they were!
Even the jacuzzi was outside on the balcony. I did sit in a chair, up against the door for about 10 minutes as our youngest enjoyed the jacuzzi...after 10 minutes I convinced him to come inside, in his swim clothes and sit in the huge hot tub in the master bedroom. I told him we can turn on the jets and watch TV and visit! Yep, I bribed him with TV so I could go inside! He wanted to visit with Mommy but I was about to have another heart attack sitting outside! It was a wonderful vacation and the cabin was beautifully decorated but next time, we're renting one that I don't have to sleep with a parachute!!! Sorry for the small photos, could not get them enlarged today!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Making Lemonade

When Aunt Lynette came to visit my nephews wanted to spend the night so they could enjoy the fun too! In the morning we had a yummy pancake breakfast complete with bacon and eggs. After cleaning up we left the juice glasses out because there was some in each cup. Andy (who is 4) asked me for more juice. I got busy and forgot about filling his cup. I could hear something in the dining room and when I looked around the corner Andy had the lid off his cup and was filling his cup with all the left over juice! After a good giggle my sister said; "I think there is more in that cup then OJ!" After he was finished he came in the living room, put his arm on the chair, propped up one leg on the other and took a big drink of his creation! He then informed us he made "Lemonade!" He said; "Yummy, it taste like gum!" Upon further investigation we noticed the bottom of his cup was filled with pancake syrup!!! Oh, the joys of boys!!! I would not trade them for anything!