Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thrift Shop Day

I sure have enjoyed staging my home getting everything ready to paint! I wanted to get it staged first then once the furniture is in place its all going to get a good painting. So far I've chosen the wall & trim color, moved furniture, replaced a few pieces I needed to fill in the gaps and I'm almost ready to start sanding and painting!!! I've been visiting local thrift shops and picking up a few items needed to finish the look of my living room & dining room but I've enjoyed shopping in my home too! I've moved things from one room to another and I'm enjoying the new look. Today I found.....

I love this frame but for some reason I held it, put it back, held it put it back then I had to laugh at myself! Why did I laugh? I laughed because it was only .65 cents and I was acting as if it were $65!!!
I LOVE candles!!! I burn a ton in the winter so when I see them on sale I always stock up! I found this one brand new for just $1!! It had a Christmas label on it but that came off very easy!! $1 was just my style!!

After finding the candle I looked over and saw this! It does not look that great in the photo but wrapped around the candle and it just glistens. It was also a whopping .65 cents!

I'm not sure if these are coasters but I loved them! The coloring is just perfect for my living room and maybe for a fall table. I got 4 of them for just .99 cents. I put them on the coffee table and when I walked away I could hear them talking about how happy they were to be in our home! tee hee!!!

Oh, how I love the tray I found today! Its very heavy and I love the rustic hardware. The base is dark wicker with a glass top. Its going to look great on my new coffee table! The tray was $4.99!!

I love how they all came together! The little statue I purchased about a month ago as I love geese! The statue was .99 cents.

This was my favorite piece today. Since we have a tiny home everything I purchase has to have storage in mind. My living room can't handle a regular size coffee table so I've been looking for a small one that I could add baskets to the bottom. This was labeled as a TV stand but when I saw the dimensions I knew it would fit perfectly in my living room and at a price of just $5.99 I knew it was coming home with me! Its going to get a good sanding and a coat of paint and some new baskets on the bottom which I am sure will hold something interesting!
Today I spent $15.30!!!
I can't wait to get started painting but I must be honest....its going to have to wait until it cools off a little!! Painting in 100 degree temp is just not happening! Until then I'll keep staging, washing walls and planning!!!

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