Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vacation On The Moon!!!

Okay, so we weren't on the moon but it sure felt like we were! It was a beautiful spot set on top of the mountain. Being a scared of heights it was quite a challenge for me driving up the mountain!! It was one lane road, with 90 degree turns and a incline that scared me to death! Even my Dad who was a truck driver was a little nervous. The incline was so steep you had to lay on the head rest and the van would only go 15 mph!! Just about the time you thought you were at the top, we would turn the 90 degree turn and there was another incline, 7 total and yes, when we got to the top I was in tears!
Being on top of the mountain was beautiful. I didn't go on the balcony much...again to scared!!! The boys loved shooting their paintball guns and watching them fly!
We were above the city and the lights at night were least from the window they were!
Even the jacuzzi was outside on the balcony. I did sit in a chair, up against the door for about 10 minutes as our youngest enjoyed the jacuzzi...after 10 minutes I convinced him to come inside, in his swim clothes and sit in the huge hot tub in the master bedroom. I told him we can turn on the jets and watch TV and visit! Yep, I bribed him with TV so I could go inside! He wanted to visit with Mommy but I was about to have another heart attack sitting outside! It was a wonderful vacation and the cabin was beautifully decorated but next time, we're renting one that I don't have to sleep with a parachute!!! Sorry for the small photos, could not get them enlarged today!

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