Thursday, August 5, 2010

Great Thrift Shop Day

I've been so busy the past few weeks and I've been in thrift shop withdrawal. Today was fun day in our house so we went swimming at my brothers house in their beautiful pool, had a picnic and then hit the thrift store! I planned to go to two but we found so many treasures, one store was enough excitement for the day!

My honey and I have wanting to get my Dad a real butterfly collections for about a year. We've seen them in the mall and at the market downtown but one this size was about $75. We just did not think it wise to spend that much money.....but today.

was Grandpa's day because this beauty was on a shelf for just $3.99!!! When we saw it the boys and I both gasped!! We were so excited and when I saw the price I knew it was coming home with us and that Grandpa was going to love it...and he did!!!

I love this laundry hamper! My son looked at it and said; "Mom you know it has a stain on it?" I was so excited because its going to fit perfectly in my room! I can't wait to show you what I'm going to do with her. She has great bones and is quite heavy and for just .99 cents I could not leave her alone!

Isn't this pretty! I've been waiting one to layer on my table. She is going to get a good spray paint and glazing to bring out some great details. I can't wait to put her on my table and show her off!

Look at the details! Its going to be so pretty when she is redone!!!
The $1.99 price tag was perfect!

Aren't these cute!!! Can't you just see a candle in the clear one and the little green one I just LOVE! Its going to be a great home to all those Mommy flowers I get from the yard.
It was marked down to just .25 cents

I've been waiting one of these for a long time! I love to use it for scrapbook and school! It was a great deal at just $3.99. Its razor sharp and ready for a some great projects!!

This little guy is going to be so cute after a good coat of paint! I think he is just too cute and for just .99 cents he begged me to bring him home! It did not take to much begging!!

and now for my favorite item of the day.......

These heavy duty beauties were a steal!!! I got both for just $12.99!!!
There going to get a good makeover too.
I can't wait to show them to you again.

It was a great day! I spent $30.50 total including a large bucket of Lego's and a bag of 8 decks of trick cards and card cases for our oldest son! He totaled that bag up and it was worth about $25 so we had a great day! Now, I've got to get busy on some projects....

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