Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Making Lemonade

When Aunt Lynette came to visit my nephews wanted to spend the night so they could enjoy the fun too! In the morning we had a yummy pancake breakfast complete with bacon and eggs. After cleaning up we left the juice glasses out because there was some in each cup. Andy (who is 4) asked me for more juice. I got busy and forgot about filling his cup. I could hear something in the dining room and when I looked around the corner Andy had the lid off his cup and was filling his cup with all the left over juice! After a good giggle my sister said; "I think there is more in that cup then OJ!" After he was finished he came in the living room, put his arm on the chair, propped up one leg on the other and took a big drink of his creation! He then informed us he made "Lemonade!" He said; "Yummy, it taste like gum!" Upon further investigation we noticed the bottom of his cup was filled with pancake syrup!!! Oh, the joys of boys!!! I would not trade them for anything!

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