Monday, September 14, 2009

Sick Again

Our boys went through a very bad flu several weeks ago and although we did not have a doctor take action to "officially" claim it as "swine flu" we did have two doctors say they had it and both of them tested positive for flu. They were sick for 4 long weeks. It started out as a flu with high fevers (103.8) bad body aches, headache then went into a strep type sore throat, then into an upper respiratory infection ending with ear infection. Since getting this bad bug they are now catching everything.

About two weeks ago one of them came down with this large quarter size spot on his belly. We started the normal round of fungus medication. It was red, no fever, no raised spots, no itching and it was not bothering him, just looked like a normal fungus infection. It was not getting any better so we decided Monday we would take him to the doctor to have it looked at.
Before we could get to the doctor he was getting in the bath and came out and said, "Look Mom!" He lifted up his shirt and showed me about 20 spots covering his stomach. They have now spread to his back and neck area. So, this morning it was back to the doctor! He has been diagnosed withPityriasis Rosea. In most cases, pityriasis rosea goes away in four to eight weeks. Its believed to be caused from a viral infection and is not believed to be contagious. I love to words "not believed." The doctor said because they were both so sick with the flu their white blood count is low and they are having a hard time coming back. Now we are faced with keeping home from church and other confined spaces and helping them build back a healthy immune system with diet and vitamins. The Mayo Clinic offers great advice on the flu and any other illnesses you may have. The flu is nothing to play around with and in our case its not an illness that has been easy to overcome.

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  1. So sorry to hear you are having sickness again! I know that "staying in" stuff gets old pretty fast. While we thought our youngest had gotten over her health issues, she ended up with fever again last night and was home from school again today. Every illness seems to be hanging on for a long time.