Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Family Time

Now that I am back to work and we are gearing up to open a business I have to remind myself family is more important then any business or any job. One reason we are opening our store Thursday-Saturday is so I have time all week to be with the boys and still take care of our home and Dad. Its been a challange to change my way of doing things and get myself organized to get everything accomplished and keep things a "normal" as possible. Holidays are a very special time in our house. We LOVE spending time together and doing special traditions that I hope will always be remembered. Since the boys have had a hard time getting over the flu and all that went with that, we left them home on Sunday. Sunday night when we came home we brought with us little frozen pizzas, cheese popcorn and root beer. The boys were so excited when we came in and said, "Its time for the holiday to begin!!!" The mood in the house went from a boring Sunday night to a night filled with joy and laughter. The boys were so excited to get their own pizza and when they asked if they could stay up late we said, "Of course, its a holiday!" We did not have money to go on a little trip, we did not have extra money to go do a fun day in town, but we had something much better, family and time! The next day we went to the Goodwill Outlet and spent $5 on some fun toys, $4 at Michael's getting a craft for them to paint for Christmas gifts, for lunch we had the free Chicken sandwiches at Chick-Fil-A! We then came home, watched a movie complete with cheese popcorn then had a nice family dinner followed by another movie. It was a great family day building memories that will last a lifetime. Its not about the big things we give our children, its simply the little ones that they often remember the most. I hope you had a wonderful holiday too!

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  1. Very neat idea! It's always such fun to turn what could be a ho-hum day into something memorable!!