Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Favorite Meal

We had a birthday this week and on your birthday in our house you get to choose the menu. We started this about 10 years ago and the boys love it! They change the menu several times until they get it just right! This time our birthday boy Kyle asked if I would make a meal our youngest Caleb loved the day before his birthday so they could both have their favorite meal. That is our Kyle, always thinking of his brother. He is the best big brother and it comes natural to him to be so kind and considerate.
I happily agreed to this because knowing Caleb's favorite meal is spaghetti I was happy to fix an easy meal. Let me stop here and say, I don't create my own sauce. Several years ago my sister discovered if you let Prego Spaghetti Sauce cook 6+ hours on low in the crock pot it makes the best tasting sauce ever! I think its the extra cooking time and all the seasonings blend. It makes for a wonderful pot of spaghetti that taste homemade. If you remove the lid when you get home and let it continue to cook until ready to serve it thickens up and it soooo good!!!
Of course I used the slow cooker liners that I just LOVE! It makes cleaning the crock pot as easy as pulling out the bag, throw it in the trash and damp cloth out the crock pot! How easy it that! When Caleb found our what we were having he said, "All Right!!! I love spaghetti!!!" It made it even better when he found out why we were having it!

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