Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Birthday Menu

One year when Kyle was just a little boy he has strep throat on his birthday so for his birthday breakfast he has ice cream! That started a tradition that the boys look forward to each year. Not only that but they get it in bed!
They also get to pick their favorite dinner and now, its all three meals. Its always interesting to see what they will choose.
Now that Kyle is 14 its no longer just a simple hamburger!He saw a show on the discovery channel and they made this
"Juicy Lucy" burger and Kyle could not wait to try it!

Because it was a birthday burger it was made much larger then normal!
One burger filled with gooey cheese!
Since its Kyles birthday the cheese had to be hot!

The burger was bigger then the bun!!
Just a hint if you decide to make these, poke a hole in the
burger to let the steam out, the cheese gets super hot!

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