Wednesday, September 9, 2009

90% Off Gift Card

Our son has a birthday coming up next week. Instead of buying gifts we have a tradition of going shopping like my Mom did with me when I was little. My husband and I have a determined amount of money in mind and we spend the day shopping for deals and going to lunch. Both of the boys are great shoppers and know the value of a dollar so they are fun to shop with. If its not a good deal, they often tell me and we move on to the next store. Its a fun day that they really look forward to each year. Going to lunch can often cut deep in a budget but today I was pleased to find a coupon here from We get to spend $35 but the gift card is for $25 off and if you use coupon code NINETY you will get 90% off the gift card price so the gift card will only cost us $1!!! We will get to enjoy a $35 meal for only $11!!! With this deal he will even get to choose a dessert!! That's worth celebrating!! I was also excited to purchase a few gift cards for our trip next weekend. Eating out can get expensive but with deals like I found today it eases the pain a little! Hope you find a deal too!

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