Friday, August 21, 2009

K-Mart Deal of the Day

I just love saving money and getting things FREE! When I discovered that our K-Mart was participating in the double coupon up to $2 I knew it was going to be a great shopping day and boy was I right. Today my purchases would have cost my family $324.57 but with coupons I walked out of the store paying just $89.22 as savings of $235.35!!!!
Plus I walked out with $11 in gift card money for my next trip!
The following are a few deals I found today.
Its sales like this that keep me using my coupon binder. I just took my binder with me, went to a department and looked for coupons that were $.60 cent or larger (we have other stores in town the double up to $.60 cents so my goal today was coupons $.60 or grater. Since my binder is organized by department it was really easy to spot the coupons, get the items and move on to the next sale. You can click here to see how I organize my coupon binder.

The first deal I found was these Chinet paper plates. They were priced at $3.55 and I had a $2.00 off coupon, doubled means it was FREE!
K-Mart does not give you an overage but FREE is good enough for me!

I have these coupons from the Sunday paper but could never find the gloves. Today I was in luck! Not only did I find them but they were FREE! They were priced at $1.69, I had $1 off coupons being doubles made them FREE! They are going to come in handy at the shop!
Because I purchase 3-4 papers a week I was able to get 4 packages.

Ritz were in sale 2/$5 a price I would not pay anymore but when you match that sale with $2 off coupons getting them $.50 a box makes it a much better deal!
These go into the Christmas food pantry to have with Sweet Pepper Jalapeno Jam found here over cream cheese! YUMMY!!!!

This was my favorite deal of the day. I had 6 coupons which were valued $1.50 off two. I had 12 bottles in my cart that I was getting for $.50 cents each for a total of $6. Then I noticed on an end cap these double packs on sale for $2.67!!! So, back went my single jars and in the cart went the double packs that I now got FREE!!!! Again, this is why I get more then one Sunday paper.
Original Price - $32.04
Savings - $32.04

Getting ready to open a business means a lot of cleaning so I was pleased to get this bottle of Multi Surface Windex for just $.29 cents!!!

It seems everyone in my family is plagued with arthritis so getting 5 boxes of Bengay for only .$99 cents each was a great savings.
Original Price - $24.95

OOP - $3.96
Savings - $20.97

So, as you can see it was a good shopping day at Kmart and I did not even make it through every department. I did meet several new friends along the way who were interested in the coupon binder and excited to see how much I would save on this trip. Welcome to the blog ladies it was a pleasure meeting you today. I look forward to seeing you at our open house in October!
This is my new friend Colleen! We had a great time exchanging coupon ideas and
finding some great deals together!

Its the weekend, stock up on your Sunday papers! Check out a few of my favorite coupon sites here and here. Also check out Thrifty Mom here for some great shopping deals!

Happy Shopping!!!!

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