Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Deal of the Day @ Wal-Mart

Going shopping at Wal-Mart is not my favorite thing to do especially after a long day, but Dad needed a few items and medication so I ventured into the store. I was surprised to see many of the items I normally purchase went up in price again. As I was getting Dad's items I started looking for good deals for our family too. I am working on a few plans one being Kyles upcoming birthday and the second is stocking our Christmas pantry. Kyle LOVES these Oatmeal Cookies and I had coupons for them as well as the cake mix and frosting! I had coupons for the frosting and on the package it had another $.25 cent coupon making it a great deal.
These items would have cost us $87.32
Coupons & Sales $65.32
Total Spent Out of Pocket $22.00

When I print coupons here I always print the available amount. Sometimes the coupons reload and you can print several copies. That is the case with these Crystal Light drinks. We have enjoyed Crystal Light all summer long thanks to some great coupons, but no deal was better then getting nine containers FREE!!! I had coupons that were getting ready to expire so when
I saw Wal-Mart had these marked down to just $1.00 I looked in my binder and had some
coupons $1.00 off one and others were buy 2 and save $2!

Original Price $9.00
Coupons $9.00
Total Out Of Pocket - $0
This evening these Air Wick Freshmatics were on clearance!
As you can see in the photo Wal-Mart had these marked from $11.94 to just $6 a good deal,
but when you add $4 off coupons an even better deal!!!
I had three coupons from here and made a good deal a great deal!
Original Price $35.82
Sale Price with Coupon $6.00
Total Savings $29.82

Deals like this are why I purchase more then one Sunday paper. I had $2 off coupons that were about to expire so I used them on these little tubes that were $1.96. I love keeping in my purse or giving in a gift basket for a sick friend. Add some chicken noodle soup, a box of tissues, a container of Crystal Light, a good magazine and you have a nice gift basket!

Original Price $5.88
Coupon Savings $6.00
They paid me .12 to take them home!

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