Thursday, August 13, 2009

Christmas Countdown!

My sisters and I love planning for a great family Christmas. We start talking about it and planning for it December 26!!! Over the years we have created a unique Christmas that our family really enjoys. One thing we have learned over the years is to PLAN EARLY and SHOP EARLY!!! Many of the items I purchase on clearance go into the Christmas pantry so when the holiday pops up, we are ahead of the game. Since we celebrate Christmas for a whole week, we plan a family menu and start buying non perishables grocery items early. I also like to shop early. My goal is to have the family gifts purchased by October and the kids finished up by November. Last year we did this with success and it was wonderful! It allowed time to enjoy the holiday and not be stressed out.

How do we go about doing this? One thing I do is keep my eye open for a great sale. When you see a great deal stop and ask, "Would this make a great gift for anyone?" Recently I found a Nine West purse on clearance for $4.50, I loved it but knew it would make a great gift. The original price was $89.00! Its going to make a great gift for that special person on my list!
Another thing I do is keep a small Christmas Notebook. In this notebook I keep our menu, gorcery list, card list as well as addressed and I make a list of people we are purchasing gifts for and when I purchase a gift I write the gift down next to their name. I don't know about you but I forget I purchased 10 girl gifts and have no guy gifts!

Click here to see a fun site, they post a 1 Day Sale each dat at midnight. Often they are great deals, they go fast so if you like it, you better get it. I have noticed most items have a shipping of only $4.99 and I have seen several items pop up for free! Like the Wii Sports Pack! Missed that one!
Let me know if you find some great deals for Christmas, its just a few short months away!

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