Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dinner Made Easy

Getting ready to open a business, school, taking care of my Dad and having Mark (my Honey) gone from 8-9:30 PM each day makes for a busy life. I like keeping things in the house that I can make quick and easy meals. This evening it was my husbands and boys favorite-meat loaf. Its a dish that I tried to make maybe 20 plus times before I created a recipe we all love. You can go here for the recipe if you are looking for one for you family too.
Because I was in a hurry I made two smaller loaves so they would cook faster.
I always make extra so we can have it for lunches the next day.
I can't take credit for the beautiful glaze on top, this evening I topped it with the extra sauce from left over Chinese take out. I was out of ketchup which is a mortal sin in our house so I decided to try this sauce on top and everyone loved it and kept saying, "Mom, its the best you ever made!" Loved hearing that!

So, a quick and easy meal and everyone was full and happy.
Since everyone has been pulling extra duty helping around the house I decided to make a special treat this evening. My family loves brownies and since I got them on sale at Kmart last week I had all the supplies needed.

We have been doing a kitchen remodel for a few months and this dish was one of those dishes I was going to send to the thrift shop. When we packed up the kitchen it was left out, now I use it all the time and its my go to dish.

The perfect size for a pan of brownies!

Enjoy Your Family Today!

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