Monday, August 31, 2009

A Dream Coming True

When I was a little girl I loved to play store. I would pull out the can goods from the pantry and set up shop. The ironing board was my cashier station and one year for Christmas I received a red medal cash register and boy was I in Heaven with that! The store would stay open for days and when Mom needed green beans she had to come shop for them. My customers were my little brother and sister. I would make them shop, stand in line behind pretend customers and even help clean up! Those are great memories for me. When my husband was laid off a
few months ago we had no idea what we were going to do.
We trusted God, knowing His plan was much larger then anything we could
dream and He shown to be faithful in that. Providing every step of the way and allowing us
to see His handywork in every area of our lives.

The Lord places a very special couple in our lives about a year ago. He opened the door for me to work in a business with them selling t-shirs at sporting events. After Mark and I prayed about what we should do they called and asked if I would be interested in selling bed linen. I jumped at the offer knowing we had just prayed the night before for God to open a door. When looking for a location to store the linen and t-shirt supplies the Lord gave us this little house. Its a three room shop and we decided to open a shop rather then just use it as storage.

One of my favorite spots at the shop is this old oak tree.
Oak trees are my favorite and having it stand tall and strong in the front yard
is a
reminder to me that I am loved by Him.

Our little shop has the feel of the country, but its right in the heart of a growing town and we are located on busy Hwy 78 between Summerville and Charleston.
Since our name is Linens & More the more is going to be a paper crafts, hand made jewelery, new and used thrift shop, discount health and beauty items and a few other surprises thrown in the mix. We're excited to give back to our community by offering low prices and friendly service.
Come enjoy a cup of hot coffee and visit with friends..
Its truly a dream come true and one that was in His plan for our lives.
We would like to invite you to our Open House on October 10, 2009.

We're located at 10191 Hwy 78 Ladson at the Carousel Riding School.
We're the little white house under the big oak tree and we look forward to seeing you.
Please make sure to introduce yourself.

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