Friday, August 21, 2009

Just My Luck!

Okay, so it was another busy day getting ready to open our shop and many other things going on in our life. This evening I decided to fix a quick and easy meal. I purchased some delicious chicken legs at Save-A-Lot a few weeks ago and they are great! They were on sale for .58 cents a pound so I got 10 legs for $2.80. They were the no antibiotics added kind and they are so juicy and delicious. I also purchased this easy Chicken and Rice mix that I could not wait to have with our chicken. An easy meal in the works!

So, I seasoned the chicken with some amazing all natural Seasoned Salt found here and put my yummy chicken mix in the pot and my mouth was watering for some good chicken and rice!

My chicken was done and smelled so yummy but when I looked at the chicken rice it was brown! No, not because I burnt it! It was beef rice in the chicken box! I could not believe it! All the mouth watering that I was doing just dried up! Oh, well, we still enjoyed a yummy dinner and had a good laugh about it too! I called the company and they are sending me coupons for more so its all good!
Yummy chicken dinner with beef rice!
and of course....
a cold glass of Crystal Light lemonade!

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