Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thankful For My Stock Pile

I had no idea when I purchased on clearance several boxes of Kleenex, Advil, Tylenol, Lotion, Lysol and even toilet paper and crackers that they would ever come in so handy as they have the past two weeks. When we were hit with the flu it was a comfort knowing the pantry was stocked and the only things we needed from the store were perishables items like milk and eggs. I craved raw vegetables and we could not get enough cold drinks. For some reason water tasted really bad to all of us, we brought in a small cooler and kept it filled with juice, sprite, water bottle (which we had drink mixes to add so we could handle the taste). We love the new ice machine right up the road, for $1.50 you can get 20lb of ice which filled our cooler and lasted a few days. Although we are not over this horrible bug, we are into day 16 and happy that today everyone is out of bed and two of us are actually dressed in clothing rather then PJ's. I am rejoicing that my husband and Dad were able to avoid getting sick and are still on the healthy side. A special thank you to them for taking care of us when I became ill. Mark even went so far as sleeping on an air mattress in the living room to avoid me sneezing and coughing on him in the night! He cooked, cleaned, shopped for supplies, went to work, called to check on us, kept our medication straight and even did laundry. Thank you honey for stepping in and taking care of us for the past week. Grandpa is happy everyone is feeling better too, he has missed the boys coming out to visit with him and yesterday was happy Caleb was able to come visit him in his house. Caleb was so happy to go visit Grandpa he did not come in until Grandpa said he wanted to go to bed! LOL! So much for being lonely! Grandpa said, "That boy talked and talked!" We thought Caleb went to bed but at 10:30 PM he came walking in the house just a talkin! Yep, he is feeling better! Thank you for your prayers! We are on our way back!

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