Friday, August 28, 2009

Love Being A Boy

Do you know what you can make with a few plumbing supplies,
a broken rod from a tent, duck tape and a grocery bag?
Don't worry, I did not know either!

My boys discovered they make an awesome Lightsaber!

And they provide hours of entertainment!

Our youngest has recently discovered Star Wars and our oldest wanted to see if he could make him a Lightsaber, They have the plastic ones but he wanted to see if he could make one tha looked more realistic. He researched youtube "inexpensive lightsabers" and found instructions how to make these cool toys. I had to go to get paint at Lowes and while I was getting paint they went shopping for supplies, $3.45 later we had supplies for two experiments which turned out great! They are always coming up with something interesting, and we never know what will be next!

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