Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Coupon Binder

This is an older post but I have had a several people ask me about the binder this week so I am re-posting to show those asking how to fill your binder. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions. Hope this helps!
When I first started to use coupons I kept them in a envelope labeled for each department. I soon got tired of standing in the dairy department looking through 30+ coupons for a particular yogurt coupon or for a coupon for butter. I soon realized the envelopes had to go so I started looking for ideas from others who coupon and came across the coupon binder. I converted my coupons into the binder and I LOVE IT! It saves me so much time and money because everything is right at my finger tip! It did take some time to put all the coupons in the binder but that was my own fault because I collected a few months of coupons before getting organized with the binder. Now that I have it, I just put my weekly coupons in and pull the old ones out. I only coupon about 3-4 hours a week (including shopping, filing and clipping coupons) but it saves me hundreds a month so its worth my time. I mentioned to my honey that I wanted to start a binder and he came home with this cute pink binder and it made my day!
Thanks Honey!
In my binder I keep a few items. I keep the zipper pocket with pens, a calculater (missing its in my purse) and sissors, On the left side of the binder I keep Rain Checks, a file folder with sale adds for the week, and in the pink pocket I keep coupons I want to make sure and use that week.
Since we have boys in our house its nice to have something pink!

I purchased baseball card holders and they work fantastic to hold all my coupons! I divide the pages by department. In my binder I have Baking Supplies, Beauty, Breakfast, Can Goods, Cleaning Supplies, Dairy, Drinks, Frozen, Pet, Produce, Meat, Medication, Snacks, Other.
Make up a list that is convenient for you and fits your style, there is no right or wrong way.
If it works for you then its the right way!

In the back of my binder I keep a section for other coupons such as
craft store coupons, drug store, toy coupons etc.
I hope this was helpful for you getting your binder started. Let me know if you start a binder and let me know what works best for you. Happy Shopping!!


  1. Love this idea!! I like the fact that everything, including the sales ads that I often refer to as I go through the store, is in one place. Great organization!

  2. I use a coupon binder and I love it!!! It has really helped me to use my coupons more which helps me save more money! I also have a full page protectors in each section of my binder. If I don't have time to organize all of the coupons at once, I can at least put them all together in the proper part of my binder and organize them at a later time. Thanks for your post on this subject:)