Monday, March 22, 2010

Sweets for My Sweetie

Remember all those parfait glasses I purchased at the thrift shop? Well, I found another great use for them! Today I was making Chocolate Dipped Strawberries for a client and I made an extra dozen for my family. Since my honey works so hard to provide for us I decided to surprise him with a delivery at work.
I used one of the large glasses and filled it with 6 huge strawberries, wrapped it with a little cellophane and tied a red ribbon to the top. We all wrote him a love note and delivered it to his office. We snuck in and left it at the reception's desk so he did not see us. It made our day making it for him and it made his day getting a little pick me up during a long day. He was excited because without knowing I made just enough for him to share with everyone on his team. This week we are going to surprise my niece at school with a little treat to give her a pick me up. What about you? Who needs a little pick me up in your life?

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