Thursday, October 1, 2009

Love My Coupon Binder!

Its the first of the month so time to print new coupons!!! I've been so busy the past two weeks working out of town that I have fallen behind in clipping my coupons. This weekend I get to stay home so its time to restock my coupon binder so I can plan a shopping trip. First step is to clean out the old and file the new! I had several coupons that were expired so I took about 15 minutes to pull them out and take them to the burn pile. It always feel good to organize, even if its just my binder!

Because I've been busy the past few weeks I did not have a chance to clip my coupons so I just put them in a file folder (note to self, get a cuter folder!) and saved them to be clipped later. My boys would be happy to help me clip but I like to do it so I have a mental note of what coupons I have. I see them when I clip them then again when I file so I get to see them two or three times before going into the binder. This really helps put them in my memory bank.

Wow! So much better and ready to file!

Got to love progress! I've got to get a cuter folder!!
ahhhh, filed and ready for my shopping trip!
If you would like to read about my binder go here
It saves me a ton of money every week!
Go here and here to print coupons and save for your family too!
I would love to hear about the deals you find this week!
Stay tuned for my Deal of the Day!
Happy Shopping!

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