Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall Is In The Air

Our boys have a tradition, the first week of fall weather they get out the tent, set it up in the back yard and "camp" for a week or two (yes a week or two). Now let me just say they about empty their room (video games and all) and put in the tent! Its become a fun tradition they really enjoy. They spend the days outside laughing, playing and being boys.
Even though fall is in the air, the flowers in the yard are still in bloom and looking beautiful!
Grandpa decided the boys needed to have the outside of the tent decorated so he got out the fall decorations and helped them set up camp!

They're looking forward to having their cousins over tomorrow to spend the night and have a cookout, complete with hot dogs and smores. We love fall in our house and we work hard to take time to enjoy each day. I enjoyed listening to them laugh and make 100 trips in and out of the house getting supplies. They even ate their lunch and dinner outside today. My Dad always reminds me to enjoy the noise, enjoy the mess, enjoy the moments because one day soon they will be gone. So this little inconvience is just part of building great family memories.
Take time today to enjoy your children, build some memories they will cherish for years to come.

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