Saturday, October 3, 2009

It Took A Village

This weekend I did not have to work out of town and I have really taken advantage of staying home. I knew I wanted to get some work done because next three weekends are going to be busy. One thing I wanted to to this weekend was put up all the produce we were given this week by friends and neighbors.

I went to church last week and a dear friend brought us a bag of peppers from her garden. My husband and son can't get food hot enough so this was the perfect gift for them! The next day my neighbor came over and gave us more peppers and said this was the last batch from his garden. Yummy!!!

The next day another neighbor was cooking for a large group and had some left over supplies and wanted to know if we would like them. Free produce? Sure!! There were also three gallon size zip lock bags with potatoes sliced and ready to eat (using that for potato soup next week).

Combined with some produce that we had that was going bad I began to think what could I make? Then it came to me........


and let me just is so goooooddddd!!!
It took a village to create this batch of salsa and we are truly greatful for your kindness!
Thank you to all our friends, enjoy your salsa!
Go here to make your own batch!
So, how did you spend your Saturday? I hope it was as relaxing as my day has been.

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