Thursday, October 8, 2009

One of Those Days!!

Sometimes despite my best efforts to plan and make everything perfect I still fall flat on my face! This evening I did just that! I started my Turkey Noodle soup this morning before leaving the house and all was going so well, until I came home and stepped into the kitchen. I was exhausted from being gone all day so I was so happy all I needed to do for dinner was cook grilled cheese. For some reason I forgot about the grilled cheese and made cornbread. Put it in the oven, went to change and check the mail then forgot about the cornbread! Earlier Dad mentioned he did not need dinner because he was going to eat the stew I made him the day before. Forgetting about the cornbread I turned on the stove and made grilled cheese. Wondering the whole time why the stove felt so hot!!! Then I made my Dad a plate and had the kids take it out to him. Still not remembering about the cornbread I had the kids turn on the AC and could not believe how hot is was in the kitchen! Then it hit me! Cornbread! It did not burn but I had a good laugh as I opened the oven to see not just a batch of cornbread but a double batch because I wanted to make sure to have extra for lunches tomorrow. Oh, I have extra alright! When our son came back into the house I said; "Did Grandpa like his dinner?" He said; "No, he just put it in his refrigerator!" I said; "What? Then why did I cook him a meal?" He said; "Mom, Grandpa told you he did not need dinner this evening." Oh, yeah! Imagine me forgetting that! Then it was time to eat and let me just say, it was the worst soup I have ever made! Can you say NO flavor! I forgot I just added the veggies but forgot all the seasoning! What did I do? Just had a good laugh and fixed the boys another grilled cheese! Its been one of those days and now, I am going to get in a hot shower and call it a night! Hope you had a better day but if not, I hope you got a good laugh out of it!

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  1. Hate to laugh at your expense, but that is pretty funny! I have certainly been there and done that! Hope today goes much more smoothly for you!!