Sunday, October 11, 2009

Deal of the Day @ Save-A-Lot

Even though its Sunday, sometimes a girls got to do, what a girl's got to do. Despite what I wanted to do (which was go home and take a nap) I needed to get some produce for lunch. I was pleased to get all the produce in this first photo for just $4.67! Celery...$.99, carrots...$1.19, radishes...$.99, cucumber...$.50, bell peppers 2/$1.00. I love getting my produce at Save-A-Lot because the prices are always reasonable. Recently they expanded their produce department and they are always working to improve.

I also found 5lb potatoes for just .99 cents!
On my way out I noticed one more
sale I could not pass up!
Tyson Split Chicken Breast for just $.88 cents a pound!
What a great deal!

I did not use one coupon but I was able to still save big today! Now, lunch is finished, the kitchen is clean and I am off for a good Sunday nap!

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