Friday, October 2, 2009

A Gift In The Mail

Do you have a sister? I told my husband its a good thing God chose to just gave us two boys because if I had a girl I would want to keep having babies until God gave us another girl because every girl needs a sister. I am blessed to have two sisters. Although it was no popular for my parents to have six children I am so thankful that despite the criticisms they had a large family. I look back over my childhood and during the toughest of times my sisters and brothers were the ones standing there with me. Today a package arrived in the mail and when I opened it there were 5 little blue boxes with my favorite slow-cooker liners inside!!

I was like a girl in a shoe store! I was so excited and started thinking about what to cook next! But do you know what? Its not just the liners that made me so excited as much as it was knowing my sister, as busy as she is, thought about me as she was in the store shopping. I miss having my sisters live near me and I miss the times we spent together as kids. We live about 1000 miles apart and our time together is very limited. Despite that, they are my best friends and I feel blessed that my parents did not stop with just one daughter but they had three! Thank you sissy for the gift and for thinking about me. Thank you both for being my best friends.

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