Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Black & White Blessing!

Yesterday was a day I thought would never happen! I was so excited, okay, almost gitty to get three Sunday papers free!!! I went to Food Lion as posted previously (here) and when walking to the front of the store I noticed a lady unlocking the paper box and pulling out the old Sunday papers. I asked if she was throwing them away and when she said, "Yep" I asked if I could have them. Surprised when she said, "Sure!" I felt like one of my boys getting a new toy! Man, I'm a serious addict! Anyway, since I had three I went in the store with the purpose of giving one away. I went to the meat department, made my selections, when I went to leave there was a sharp looking, older couple, making their selections very carefully. The gentleman started asking me about a brand of sausage and that was all it took for us to become engulfed in a pleasant conversation as if we were long lost friends. I joked with them and told them not to tell people about the Food Lion meat mark down because its a secret! They had a good laugh about that. They then told me they were getting items to last for the rest of the month and it was nice to find the markdown meat. That opened the door for a coupon conversation. They told me they do not buy the paper because it cost and they did not want to waist their money because "Its dwindling faster then they anticipated". I reached in my buggy and gave them a paper then showed them the coupon section. We found four coupons for items they had in their buggy saving them $4.00, enough to buy another package of meat! What a blessing! Do you think that happen by chance? I don't, I think God put that all in place to give me and my new friends a blessing. I left that little store with much more then just a bag of meat. I left that store with my "buggy" running over! When I got to the car, the Lord and I had a little talk and yet again I felt his arms around me saying; "Rachel, just have faith, I am here." What a great God we serve!

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  1. I love this post! God gives simple opportunities to touch others lives.