Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Living By Faith-Week Six

We are going in to week six with out a job but this is our last week to report that because Mark got a job!!! We want to give all the praise to the Lord who proved faithful in answering our prayers! He was actually offered two jobs with in two day of each other! We prayed God would give him a job before the end of July and he answered our prayers. He will be working in the medical field again and helping me with our new adventure selling bed linen. God has opened several doors over the past few weeks and we are overwhelmed with His love for us. Although loosing a job is devastating news, God promised in His word He would never leave us nor forsake us and He would supply all our needs. We rested daily in His arms and trusted He would provide. As we sat back and watched Him work miracle after miracle it was exciting to see what would happen next. Today we rejoice knowing God is in control and His plan is so much bigger then our plan, we continue to trust in Him.

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