Monday, July 6, 2009

Deal of the Day @ Piggly Wiggly

Although I rarely shop Piggly Wiggly, there was a major accident today on the interstate so instead of fighting traffic I stopped for connivance rather then price. I know, I know, forgive me, we all have our break down moments! Although this is not one of my normal stops, I was elated with a deal I found! This was one of those deals I just could not believe was true! I was in the store getting some chicken for tomorrow and noticed salad dressing on "sale" for 3/$5.00.
I thought to myself, wow, I no longer pay that for dressing. As I was walking away I looked up and noticed a tear pad coupon for $1.50 off! I thought, this can't be true! I read the coupon then thought, do I need to buy like $50 in groceries first? I read the coupon again! It looked true enough! There were only a few coupons left so I took two. I went to the register and sure enough, it was true! Dressing, not for $1.67 a bottle but for .17 cents a bottle! Woo Hoo!!! What am I going to do with it? Well, the Ranch is always used for a dip, my son loves carrots as an afternoon snack and the Catalina, I am going to use for a Taco Salad next week! Yummy!!! Keep your eyes open for coupons in the store as you are shopping. I am seeing them more and more!

What good deals have you found recently?

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