Friday, July 3, 2009

Deal of the Day @ Bi-Lo

Today was a shopping day for Dad in the morning then Mom in the afternoon!
I ended up finding some great deals that I could not pass up!
Below is my favorite deal of the day!
Its kind of like the
deal of the century I had a few weeks ago.
Today's favorite deal is Hillshire Farm Deli Select!
I was in the process of getting another brand of lunch meat when I noticed Bi-Lo had these on sale for just .99 cents! A great deal in its self considering the normal price was $2.49. I was in the process of getting a few when I noticed a buy now sticker on the front and it was for .50 cents off! Wow! Now I am down to only .49 cents each! Woo Hoo! I picked up 5 of each. So, I am only paying $4.90! Then I remembered I had coupons (from the Sunday paper) in my folder so I looked and sure enough I had coupons for .35 cents off!
I purchased all 10 for $2.80 a savings of $22.10!!!
Notice, there is a $1.00 coupon on each package for another deal!
Next Up under $1.25 or FREE

Today I had coupons that were about to expire so it was use them or loose them! You got it, I decided to use them! This is a reminder to keep an eye on your product and know your prices. Its not unusual for a grocery item's price to fluctuate 50% or more. One week your favorite box of cereal will cost $4.00 and a few weeks later it may be on sale for 2/$5.00 then the next week $2.00. Even if you did not use coupons, if you only watched the item and purchased when it was at its low price you could save 50% or more. Purchase enough to last you a few weeks, when you run out, the price will be low again, just in time to stock up. That was the case today with the new Raisin Bran Cereal. I have been watching it and it started at $4.49 a box, today it was on sale for $1.99! I had a $1.00 off coupon so I got it for .99 cents! The Mini Wheat's were also on sale for $1.99 and I had another $1.00 coupon! Getting both boxes of cereal for $1.98 a savings of $6! Coupons from the Sunday paper.

The Joint Juice was actually a Wal-Mart deal that snuck into the picture (some groceries are such camera hogs!). It was $3.18 and I had a $2 coupon, getting them for $1.18 each. Oh, my Honey's bones are going to be feeling good this week! Coupons from the Sunday paper.

The 12 Mac N Cheese - FREE! Both brands were the same deal but let's just use the Velveeta for our example. I purchased 6 cups at $.88 cents each. I had three coupons for $1.00 off making three of them FREE! Then I had three coupons for BOGO Free making the other three FREE! Actually, I had a .32 cent overage on these items! So they paid me .32 cents to take them!

The DiGiorno Pizzas were another GREAT deal! At Bi-Lo if you look at their sales rack there is a magazine type flyer and list everything on sale in the store for two months. Its a great paper to get because often the items in the store are not visibly priced but they ring up on sale. The current paper runs June-July. These pizzas normally run $6.89 but they were on an unmarked sale 2/$5.00 a great deal but even better when you add $1.25 coupon! I purchased 6 pizzas for $7.50 a savings of $34.38!!!!!

Mini Cups of Cereal did you know you can use your coupons on these? I had a few coupons that were about to expire but the box of cereal was at its peek price this week. I saw the mini cups and thought I would try using my coupon on these (from a tip from Mrs. Cook! Thanks!!!) Yep, they worked! The cereal cups were $1 each but after coupons I received all four cups for $1.75. These are going to my little nephews when they come to visit! They love eating dry cereal and watching a movies when they come to Aunt Rachel's house!

FREE is always so good! I received a coupon book in the mail this week and it had a coupon for this Cascade FREE! That was a savings of $3.98. Next, I had a $2 coupon for Tylenol, I used it on the small size that was $1.99 FREE (sorry, this was another camera hog from Wal-Mart)! Last, I had a buy 2 Crystal Light get $2 off coupon. These were on sale 2/$5.00 making them $2.50 each. Then I had a coupon if I purchased one received a FREE Skin Essentials FREE so I combined the coupons and purchased them both for .50 cents.

Today's Savings......

I purchased the above items for $16.57 with a savings of $97.61

Note about internet coupons - These coupons are available for a limited number of prints, if you see one you like print it right away because if you come back it may be gone.

Note about Bi-Lo - Today I visited the Bi-Lo on St James Ave (a different store then last week) and had a very nice 20 minute conversation with the manager Mr Charles. We talked about ways he could help those who use coupons to have a better experience. He said at the next store meeting they were going to address coupons and ways to treat customers. He pointed out on the bottom of the receipt is his name and number and if you have any problems call him personally and it would be handled. When I went through check out and gave my coupons to the cashier and bager were so kind, thanks Kim and Angie! It was a great day at Bi-Lo, take time to check them out!

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