Sunday, July 19, 2009

Deals of the Week

CVS Deal of the Day
This was my best deal of the day! I have been keeping my eye on these because I had $2 off coupons. I did not want to pay the $8.99 a box so I just kept an eye out for a good deal and boy did I find a good deal! This week these are on sale BOGO free at CVS so right there I saved half! Then I uses 2 coupons for $2 off! Now I am down to 2 for $5. A good deal! But I had almost $20 in CVS bucks so I used a $4 CVS buck and got both of these for $1.00! That is now a GREAT deal!

Wal-Mart Deal of the Day
This week I am so excited because my two sisters are coming home! We will have a few family meals at our house so I wanted to make a cake. I was happy to find a deal on this frosting.
It was $1.38 a container and as you can see there is a hole in the wrapper, that's
because there was a .25cent off coupon attached.
Then I had two coupons for .50 cents off so I purchased them for .63 cents each.
Wal-Mart Deal of the Day
You don't always have to buy BIG! I had three coupons for .35 cents off but knew that would not add up to much when a bottle of tide was $8 and up. Since the coupons said, "any size Tide" I decided to use it on these travel size. The were .98 cents each and I paid .63 cents for them. I know, you are wondering why bother right? Well, I like to put these in gift baskets for missionaries or our college kids going away this fall. They add a special touch and I am sure they will be appreciated.
Wal-Mart Deal of the Day
I had coupons for these but I am not a fan of the $9.99 price at the grocery store. I've been keeping my eye on them and have been trying to find a good price. This week in Wal-Mart they have them on a Roll Back price for $6.97 using my $4 off coupons I was able to get all three boxes for $8.91. That was lower then just one box at the grocery store! If you would like to try a FREE sample sign up here. Also look for the tab that says other FREE samples. Just answer three simple questions and they will send you a few other items too and maybe even a few coupons!!!
I would love to hear about your deals this week!
Leave a comment and let's celebrate together!

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