Saturday, July 11, 2009

Camp Supply List

Time is drawing near! Our first born leaves for camp in just a few short hours. I try not to think about it to much because my heart gets heavy. Its so hard letting them go even for just a week! I know he's going to have a fantastic time and I know God has something very special for him this year. No matter what happens we know God is in this trip and we know this is just the first of many steps preparing him to leave home.

The following is a list of supplies we pack for the week of camp. Each year we keep a list and when he returns we update the list and make any necessary changes. We use a large suitcase. When you help them pack it will be very well organized, but when it comes home, not so! Keep it large enough so they can get everything back in when its time to come home. Another thing that we do is put his name on all his supplies. After a kid took his shampoo one year we now mark everything so there is no confusion who it belongs too. We only have boys in our house so sorry girls! If you have girls, I would love for you to post your list!

6 Play Shirts
4 Dress Shirts
5 Shorts
2 Dress Pants
1 Jeans
4 Dress Socks
6 Play Socks
6 Underpants
Swimming Trunks
Tennis Shoes
Old Play Shoes

(he uses these for outdoor activities and if they are to messed up they go into the trash)
Flip Flops (nothing fancy, use in the shower)
Beach Shoes (he likes these for those times at camp there is swimming in the lake)
Dress Shoes

Personal Supplies
2 Towels

Soap/Body Wash
Face Wash
First Aid Supplies (I always send bandages, ointment, sunburn cream, chap stick, anti itch cream, bug spray and in recent years we have added lice spray which he sprays on his bed before making then has on hand just incase-trust me, just send it!!!)
(check with the counselor to see if they need to hold this or of if it can be left with your child)
Wash Cloths
Hair Spray

Pillow-we put an extra pillow case on his pillow incase the top one gets to dirty.

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