Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Little One On One

Even though we have one away at camp we still have one home. While Kyle is away having fun, we always plan a week of fun activities here at home for Caleb. This year, it finally hit me, there is no need to plan activities for him because all he wants to do is stay home! Its not because he's depressed, although he misses his brother immensely. I finally came to realize (and more then realized I listened) this year that he just enjoys being with Mom and Dad and he loves being home. We tried to get him to go to VBS with our friends but his eyes filled with tears and said he just wanted to stay home. Since he did not go to VBS we decided to take our donations to Goodwill then go eat a taco. While we were eating our dinner and playing tic-tac-toe, Caleb stopped, looked at us and said, "I am so glad I did not go to VBS." My husband said, "Why?" In his sweet little voice, so soft you had to lean in to hear him, he said, "Because, I would have missed this." Its not the big things we give our children its time and a little one on one. This week, Caleb is not asking to go to an amusement park, he is not asking for a new toy, he is not asking to have friends over, he is just asking for our time. To him, time is more valuable then giving him a week of entertainment. This is not only a week that Kyle will remember but its also a week that Caleb will remember too, not for the entertainment, but for the personal one on one time he has been given this week. Its been a special week for both our boys.

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