Sunday, July 18, 2010

Smothered Steak

On Sunday I like to cook in my crock pot....well really any day I like to cook in the crock pot. I love it because I just put it in and walk away until time to serve. I also love cooking with the crock pot in the summer because it keeps the heat out of the kitchen. Over the past few weeks I've had a few people ask if I've ever made smothered steak and I've promised you I would post it when I made it next. I hate cooking on Sunday, so whatever I fix its usually a very simple.

I ran out of crock pot liners so I was bummed about that today. If you enjoy crock pot cooking you'll love the liners, they make clean up super simple!! Now on to the steak.....


2lb - Round Steak
1 - Small Onion cut in Rings
2 - Package Brown Gravy Mix
2 - Jars of Mushrooms or 6 Fresh Mushrooms cut in slices
Seasonings (I used Seasoned Salt & Garlic Garlic)

I don't pre brown my meat when cooking in a crock pot. The crock pot does not dry out meat so I just skip this step.
  • Season the meat on both sides and put to the side. Make sure to season each steak well.
  • Mix brown gravy mix according to package instructions; however, only use half the water. The steaks will draw moisture in the crock pot and add more liquid. Don't cook gravy just add the water, mix well and set to the side

Layer ingredients in the crock pot....seasoned meat, onion, mushrooms...repeat

Once layers are finished pour brown gravy over the top
I wanted this ready for lunch so I turned the crock pot on high and cooked for 4 hours. For slower cooking turn it on low and cook 8-10 hours.

When we came home I placed a few potatoes in the microwave, green beans in the microwave and within about 20 minutes of being home we had a great lunch with a cool kitchen and easy clean up! Now that's what I call a quick and easy Sunday lunch!
The steak was so tender you could cut it with a fork!
The seasonings made it mouth watering!!
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  1. I would add at least a pound of fresh sliced mushrooms so that each serving gets more than one slice of mushroom!

  2. Great idea for a family. I'm the only one in my family who will eat them so I only add a few! Hope you enjoy!!