Thursday, July 22, 2010

Going On A Trip!

Each year I enjoy taking my Dad on a mini vacation. We adopted him about 8 years ago and he has several health issues which limit him doing a lot of things he would love to do. We've had an opportunity to go on several little trips together but the past few years have been difficult for us financially as well as his health has not allowed him to travel.

This year my sister and I have been planning and plotting a fun surprise for him and the boys. My sister lives in Indiana and she is coming home for her yearly summer visit. This year we decided to meet in Gatlinburg and spend a few days together before she comes home! Wanting to keep it a surprise from our boys and my Dad we began plotting months ago!

Last week I had a "family meeting" with Grandpa and the boys and told them..."Dad and I talked and we think you boys need to go to camp and Grandpa you're going as a camp counselor!" I wish I would have had a camera take a photo of their faces! At first the boys were in shock that they were going to camp, they had no idea what I meant considering I told them we would be home on Tuesday! Grandpa looked at me like I had lost my mind, he knew with his heath, camp was the last place he could go! After I calmed everyone down and told them they would only be gone 4 days and 3 nights they realized they were not going to a "traditional camp!" After Dad realized it was not a real camp he held his chest and said with tears in his eyes "This is doing my heart good!" Excitement started to build!!

What they don't know is that they are going to "Camp Aunt Lynette" and they get to stay in a beautiful 3 story cabin complete with game room, pool, hot tubs and Jacuzzi! They have no idea what's in store for them! We have the whole weekend planned with things Dad can physically handle! The Lord even blessed this week by allowing me to find Dad a great wheelchair at the thrift shop for just $8! Isn't He good to us!

So this week we are planning, packing and getting ready to head off on an adventure!! I look forward to sharing with you our trip! I'm sure its going to be a special time building memories with Grandpa at "Camp Aunt Lynette!!!!"

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