Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cover Girl Deal of the Day

Its deals like this that make me so happy I have a well stocked coupon binder. Today I found Cover Girl face powder on clearance at Food Lion (they also had the foundation but I only use the powder) for just $2! I looked in my binder and I had some great coupons because I normally purchase 3-4 Sunday papers.

This is how I saved today....

Original Price $5.96 each x 6 = $35.76

Clearance Price $2 each x 6 = $12.00

Coupons - 2 - BOGO Free Coupons (which means now I am only paying for 4 - now we are down to $8)

2 - $2.50 off 2 Coupons ($5.00 off)

Total out of pocket for all 6 = $3.00

A Savings of $32.76!!
Go here to see my coupon binder and I bet you'll start saving big too! I would love to hear about your savings this week or if you find any great deals.

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