Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sea Creatures with Grandpa

Being a Mom of two amazing boys leads way to many adventures. I don't get to decorate anything in pink (except for Valentines Day) and cute girly hair bows have never been made in my home but ask me anything about skateboarding and I can pretty much keep up with you or ask me the best place to purchase paintball supplies and I can tell you where to get the best value in town! This past week while sitting at the doctor's office with Dad he mentioned he wanted to do something fun with the boys at home so we decided to have a special lunch and movie....on the menu,
Sea Creatures!!
Dad had so much fun making these with the boys! Cut a hot dog into three chunks and put raw spaghetti noodles through them.....

boil until noodles are done....

wallah....a jelly fish.....or.....

maybe an octopus!!!

add two boys

a Grandpa and your set for a fun lunch building some fun memories!!!

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