Monday, November 30, 2009

The Best Thanksgiving EVER!!!

This by far has been the best Thanksgiving ever! God has a way of putting his arms around me, pulling me tight and saying, "Rachel, just trust me." Several months ago we started a remodel of our kitchen and dining room. We sold our dining room table with the hope of getting a new one. In the mean time Mark lost two jobs and all the extra spending came to a quick halt and all the income was now being used to keep us in our home, the van in the driveway and food on the "plate". With the holidays fast approaching I sat down with the boys one on one and asked them what made the holidays special for them. Our youngest said the same thing he said last year, "Having family come over and everyone eating at the table together." He then followed that with, "Mom, I really hope we can get a table before Thanksgiving." I promised him that we would have one. Not knowing how that would happen but I said, "Caleb, lets trust God to provide us a table." The day before Thanksgiving we still did not have a table, I woke up early, put down the seat in the van and went on a table hunt. After praying again, I had in mind a thrift shop I should visit so I set off to find a table trusting that God would provide. I wanted to keep it around $30 but would stretch it to $40 if I absolutely had to. I went into the thrift shop and saw two tables! I saw one table that was just made for my little dining room but knew out of the two it would be the more expensive one so I went to the cheaper looking table. To my shock the cheaper table was priced $124.99!!! Oh, my heart sunk. I thought if this one is the cheaper looking one and its $124.99 what it the other one marked? I stopped and said, "Lord, you know Caleb wants a table for Thanksgiving and I really want this table because its just the right size for my dining room but its in your hands." I walked over to the table and had to take a double look because it was priced $12.99!!!!! Yes, just twelve dollars and ninety-nine cents! Oh, my heart jumped for joy and I was overwhelmed once again with God's love for us.
The guy who marks sold on items was walking by and I said trying to curb my enthusiasm; "I would like this table please!" He came over to write me a ticket and laughed. When I questioned what was funny he said, "I'm not sure who priced this table but we never price tables at $12.99 but I'm going to give it to you for that price!" I said, "I know who priced that table and He priced it just for a little boy named Caleb!"
Since I saved so much on the table I decided to see if they had any goblet glasses which I needed to go with the China my Aunt Donna gave me a few years ago. Each time I use the china, I borrow Mom's glasses and I just wanted to see if I could get a set of my own. I said, "Lord, I did not ask for glasses but if you see fit to give me a set I sure would be appreciative." I went over and would you believe I found a set of 11 for just $2.99!!!!! I am telling you we serve a wonderful Saviour.
Next, I was off to get my produce for Thanksgiving. I had a coupon for $5 off $20 so I was excited to get $20 for just $15! When I pulled into the store I noticed a missionary that we support walk into the store and I felt the Lord telling me to give him my coupon. I was so blessed with what the Lord saved me that I walked into the store to give him the coupon but I could not find him. I was only going in for produce but found myself in the frozen food section where I spotted an elderly lady who was putting food back. She was obviously very poor, had an unappealing odor about her and was missing most of her teeth. My heart went out to her but I walked right on by. Then I felt that tug on my heart again to give her my coupon. When I went back I heard here say to herself in a quite voice, "I only have $9 and I need 7 days of food." She then went on to say if she bought bread she could stretch that but was stressed because bread went up .20 cents. I knew she did not have $20 to use my $5 coupon. She then got scared and said she needed to hurry so her ride did not leave her and she rushed to the check out lane. I quickly picked up the items she put to the side added several more items and rushed to the check out with her. This is a store where they do not bag your item so I threw a bag at the cashier, told her I want to hurry and give these items to the lady in the other lane and please bag them for me. The elderly lady had problems paying for her food so I snuck the large bag of food into her cart with out her seeing it and turned around to pay for my food. By this time my cashier has tears in her eyes and asked me why I did that. I told her about what the Lord did for me that day and how her store sent me the $5 coupon and how I wanted to give back a portion of what the Lord gave me. Then the elderly lady cashier turned around and had tears in her eyes and asked if the elderly lady knew I did that and my cashier said, "No, she was just being a blessing today." The elderly lady's cashier gave me a big hug and with tears in her eyes thanked me. As I walked outside my heart broke because I saw the elderly lady loading her items into a very old truck but she had fear in her eyes because she knew the extra food was not hers. She put her items in the truck and started looking in the bag. She looked up but was trying to move fast so she did not get into trouble by having an extra bag she did not pay for. I walked up to her, put my hand on her arm and said, "I just wanted you to have a happy Thanksgiving," She looked at me with tears in her eyes and thanked me over and over again. She got in her truck, with the biggest smile I have ever seen and was truly Thankful for those few groceries. It made me think of my own life and how I may not have fresh paint on my walls, I may not have the new dining room set, I may not have new carpet, I may not have all that I want but I have so much more and I am so thankful for what He has given me.
When I came home I sat Caleb down and said, "Caleb, what did Mommy promise you we would have before Thanksgiving?" With the biggest smile he said, "A TABLE!" I told him the story of the gift God gave us and he said, "Mom, I thought you forgot so I did not say anything." We unloaded the table and he asked if he could do all the decorating with the table cloth and dishes!

The day before Thanksgiving he "decorated" the table the best an 8 year old could do! He wanted to have a special gift for our guest, Grandma, so he wrapped up a Christmas gift and set it at her place.

Grandma LOVES tea so he have her.....

A mini tea cup Christmas ornament! I see a little of his Daddy coming out in him!

We gathered in our little dining room together and enjoyed the best
Thanksgiving EVER!

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  1. Oh Rachel! You have me in tears...again! What a WONDERFUL story and a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! Gos is sooo good and so faithful to bless us! Thank you for sharing that!