Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh, Christmas STAR!

Every year about this time I like to go on a date with our boys. They write out a Christmas gift list of items they would like to purchase for family and friends, work in a budget, then we are off on a fun date just the two of us. I love it because its one on one time and I always find a treasure in them that I never knew before. This past week was my date night with Caleb our youngest. Caleb is all about the holidays! Its not just Christmas but its every holiday, birthday, he will even make up holidays just to have fun! This year he is especially enjoying the holiday season. As we were working on his list we turned the aisle and there in front of us was a wall of Christmas tree toppers. Now, keep in mind I looked for about 12 years for the perfect tree topper for our snowman tree and when I found a fluffy snowman head tree topper I knew I found the perfect topper! I tried the star, the bow, the angel but nothing was more fitting then the adorable snowman head.
Our Caleb had other plans for our tree topper! When he was 3 he carried the large tree box to me in the living room and pointed out to me that there should not be a bow on the top of the tree because the photo on the box did not have a bow! Then the next year he told me the Angel should not be on the tree she looked scared on top! When I found the snowman head he just laughed and said, "That's not a real tree!" So this year as we were shopping together he saw the perfect tree topper, a STAR!!! When he saw the wall of stars he said, "Now, this is what I am talking about!" We need a STAR for our tree!!! At that moment I had to decide, am I going to put my foot down and say, "We already have the perfect tree topper!" or am I going to enjoy this moment with him and cherish this time and let him find the perfect topper for our tree. Well, we purchased the "perfect" tree topper and he was so excited that we found the perfect topper!
Kyle got into the spirit too and enjoyed helping decorate the tree! He added a Christmas hook to my slipper and added that to the tree!!!

My snowman head has been demoted! He is now a decoration on the tree and has a brother and sister added to the mix to balance him out.

So, a new tradition arrived in the Littleton home this year, and I'm sure when Caleb is married and gone, I will still cherish this little star and I have a feeling my "perfect" tree topper is now a small little silver star on top of a cute snowman tree.

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