Sunday, December 20, 2009

West Africa 2007 - Part 4

To view images of this trip go here to Mission Field Images

Rachel: Marlin Dale You're Killing Me Here!!!! Then What???

Dale: So I lined up the well and took the photograph, when the mirror dropped back into place, right in front of me was this big red demonic witch doctor. I flinched and quickly ripped the next frame. I didn’t know whether or not he heard my shutter, if it was in focus or if the exposure was set properly.

When he saw me, his pace began to quicken, he began to wave the machetes violently, I just knew we were going to collide on this narrow trail. Then to my right and behind me I heard a voice say “Dale, lower your camera” I immediately lowered my camera to my side and stepped off the trail into the weeds. As he approached me, I could not see his eyes but I knew I was in the presence of pure evil. I could feel him glaring at me and at the last step he turned and walked around me.

Oh Man, I felt like Barney Fife blowing a big sigh of relief after a confrontation. I just had to look down to make sure my system did not involuntarily void itself before I moved out of the weeds. I turned to see who told me to lower my camera; it was our translator who followed me up the trail. The only problem was, he didn’t speak English. I had just once again experienced the true meaning of 1John 4:4 “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world”.

Martin Luther said, “Christ does not live in the trees or rocks, nor does He live in the bones of dead saints, He resides in the hearts of each and every one of the believers.”

Tomorrow we will celebrate the Birth of Christ, the Hope of our Salvation and in a few short months we will celebrate once again, but this time it will be the Proof of his Love for Us, How can we not serve him?

Merry Christmas!

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