Monday, November 2, 2009

Create A Plan

Last week we were busy cleaning out and getting the house in shape for the upcoming holidays. I tackled our "computer room" which sounds fancy but we live in a small 1000 sq ft home with no garage and no attic space so we converted one room to a storage area and work room. It was way out of control so I spent time getting it organized and it feels so good to have it all clean and ready for storing all the extra Christmas groceries and wrapped gifts. Christmas can be overwhelming when I start thinking about gifts. meals, decorating, the added expense, family coming to visit and on and on. I must admit, until I create a plan I can get qoite overwhelmed. If you wait until the week before Christmas to start planning then you are really going to be stressed out. Some people love that last minute rush but not me. This past week I created a plan so things can get into prospective and I can start working the plan. The following are a few steps I took this week to get myself organized:
  1. Create A December Schedule of Events - I take an empty calendar and start writing all the activities for the month. I include family fun times too like going to see the Christmas lights, decorating the tree, outdoor decorating, shopping day, gift wrapping evening, fill out Christmas cards...etc Just don't get so organized that you are not flexible. Plans change and things get added so remember your calendar is not set in stone its just a guide.

  2. Create A December Menu - Life gets so busy this time of year so if you have your meals planned all the way through the new year it will make things sooo much easier. Since we have family gathering for about 8 days at Christmas I plan the menu send it to my family along with a schedule of activities for the week. I used to stop the planning a few days after Christmas but now I take it all the way through the new year so I don't feel like I am planning again after Christmas and neglect the New Year activities. I get it all done in one swoop.

  3. Create A Gift Giving List - A few years ago Hallmark had these cute little binders that helped you organize your Christmas. In the binder was an area for gift giving. Since I shop all year long for Christmas I love having a spot to write down what I purchased. I don't know about you but if I don't write it down I'm not going to remember. So keeping a list of what I purchased and who its going to keeps me from over buying in one area so I don't end up with 20 girl gifts and no guy gifts! You can create your own binder or notebook by making categories like menu, gifts, Christmas card list (include addresses so you're all ready), family wish list...etc

With just a little planning and a little organization you can have a great holiday with a lot less stress. One day our children will be grown and will have families of their own, as much as I want to put a stipulation in their wedding vows that they will be at our home on Christmas I know that will not fly so I've decided to cherish every holiday that we have them home.

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