Monday, November 2, 2009

Christmas Planning Week Two

Last week in our home we started to really concentrate on gift giving. I was able to make a few gifts (which I can't show you because the recipients are looking! tee hee!!!) We also started the kids thinking about what they are going to do for others this holiday. To start our youngest found some wooden photo frames that he is painting for Grandparents and our oldest decided he is going to make our Christmas cards this year so he started on those and they are beautiful. They cleaned out their closet and donated a big bag of toys to a cherity. They loved cleaning out their closet, they found treasures they did not remember they had. This week we are going to continue on working on gift giving. Below are some ideas that might spark some gift giving ideas for you too.

This Weeks Top 10 Low Budget Gift Giving Ideas:

  1. Clearance Section - This week I ran into our local Dollar General store to get a few items and I founds some really cute cloth duffel bags for just $2! I am going to take them to the local shop and have my nieces monogram placed on them (which will cost me $9). Keep an eye open because stores are wanting to move merchandise so you can find some great deals. I already dropped off the bags so I'll show you a photo when I get them back.

  2. Christmas Ornaments - Have you seen the beautiful ornaments out this year! Wow! I was looking at some last week at the local dollar stores and I was surprised to see they were only $1-$2. A few years ago my Mom stared giving all the kids an ornament every year with their name on it. We just purchased a few paint pens and do it ourselves. The kid love it and year after year its so special to pull them out of the box and see a love note from Grandma. One day they are going to be very special for our boys.

  3. Dollar Tree - I love this store! Some things are junk but if you keep an eye open you can find some real treasures. Mom is working on Christmas stockings so this week I was looking for inexpensive items she could add to the stockings. I found some great treasures at the Dollar Tree. A girl can't get enough make-up so when I found name brand lipstick and gloss for just $1! I tested one out and let me just say I can't wait for the stocking!!!

  4. Magazine Subscription - Amazon has been offering great deals on yearly magazines. Go here to check out the deals this week and keep an eye open for a magazine someone on your list might enjoy all year long . Then be creative how you give them the gift. For instance...this year my brother wants gardening magazine so I am giving him a basket (from the thrift shop) with a plant (that I started from one of my plants), a yard decoration, a few yard tools (found on clearance), a current copy of the magazine and a note that says enjoy a year subscription. It cost me less the $20 for a great gift (including the year subscription).

  5. Movie Gift Card - Cold weather is coming or in your area my already be upon you. Our boys enjoy going to the movie and we have a theater near us that they can so see a movie for just $2.25. It make for a great activity on those cold or in our area hot days. I'm going to put a gift card in a popcorn bucket (in Targets $1 section) with theater candy, glass bottle of Coke and give it to my nephews.

  6. Gifts From The Garden - Often when shopping I find great containers at the thrift shop. This summer I found a resin cowboy boot that I just loved. I brought it home and my Dad put a start in in for me and it sits on my front porch. I just love it and it only cost me $.99 cents including the potting soil. Keep an eye open for discounted containers, baskets, pots and replant some of your starts and give as gifts. Even plant some herbs and give along with a new cookbook.

  7. Fudge - This year I am making Cookie Cutter Fudge for some smaller gifts. Its quick and easy and will delight any recipient. Go here for the recipe. After you create your master piece put it inside a cellophane bag, tie with a beautiful ribbon and add a name tag.

  8. Personalised Apron - Did you know you can purchase aprons at Sams in a triple pack? They have limited colors to choose from but if you take them to be monogrammed or add unique saying then it will make for a great gift. If you're up to it they're an easy sew too.

  9. Board Games - I have seen some great prices on board games lately but my favorite place to get games is again the local thrift shop. Just about all our games have come from the thrift shop. Our shop puts them in a plastic bag but if you ask they will let you open the bag to make sure all the pieces are in the box. Usually on the back of the box it will list all the pieces that should be in the box. If we don't know how to play I will make sure instructions are in the box too. I usually pay less then $2 per game and we have a great collection. Often the boxes look new so they would make for a great gift!

  10. Clothing - This past week I concentrated on one of my sisters for Christmas and I was so pleased to find her a three beautiful gifts that were brand new at the local thrift shop. I came home and looked them up online and all three pieces were valued at $169.00 and I paid only $12! We had a talk in our family a few years ago about giving and receiving thrift store items and we were all in agreement the we would love them. Its nice that I can give her a few beautiful gifts but they did not break my bank.

Okay, so that is my top ten list for this week. I hope it sparks some ideas for you and you can start shopping and saving this week too. I look forward to seeing what treasures I find this week. One thing I will be working on is making and canning Apple Butter. Come back for those details and the recipe. I would love to hear your tips for a frugal Christmas too!

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