Thursday, November 26, 2009

Our Annivrsary

Its Thanksgiving & Our 15th Anniversary!!!
This week Mark and I are celebrating out 15th wedding anniversary. This past weekend Mark made me feel like I did the day I said, "I do" For several weeks Mark has been planning a special date for us and did not say anything except to save the date. The only people who knew was our oldest son, my Dad and my sister. Its amazing that no one leaked anything about this special date. I'm not the type to snoop because if someone is working hard on a surprise I don't want to spoil it. I did not find out one thing and that made it even more exciting! After our youngest sons soccer game on Saturday we came home and got dressed for a day on the town. Anticipation mounting, we got in the van and headed towards Charleston. Mark gave me and envelope that said, "I love you!"

Inside was a gift card for a manicure and pedicure! So off to the mall we went! Mark sat patiently while I enjoyed being pampered!!

Next, we were off again, this time to downtown Charleston where we parked and went shopping at the market a famous tourist attraction. What girl does not enjoy shopping but it was fun just walking hand in hand with him. After the market we walked over to the Double Tree Hotel where he informed me we were going on a carriage ride (which is my favorite thing to do downtown!) To my surprise a private carriage pulled up for just the two of us!!! I was so excited I forgot to get a photo! It was a cool brisk day and I was happy I had my coat but again to my surprise Mark had them bring a blanket! Mark brought with him a black bag and when we pulled up to the stop to get our route assignment he pulled out two coffee mugs and hot cocoa!!! Just when I thought it could not get any better he pulled out hand dipped chocolate strawberries (yes, he dipped them at my Dads house and hid all the evidence)!!!

I could not believe he went to so much trouble. Each stop on our date represented something in our past. He said the carriage ride was because I should have always been treated like a princess. My honey has always been romantic but this date surpassed everything he has ever done for me.

In the middle of the carriage ride he gave me another gift. Our oldest son Kyle, drew a picture of us on our wedding day. It brought tears to my eyes and again, I could not believe all the planning that went into this date. What a special day! And it was far from over...

This was one of many views on our carriage ride. Mark talked the driver into just driving and not do the tour, so we could just enjoy one another and the spectacular scenery.

After getting off the carriage ride I again forgot to snap a photo of us or the carriage! The date was far from over and the next step took my breath away! So after the carriage ride we went to California Dreaming restaurant. I told him I did not mind waiting so we could sit by the water but again, he had made reservations and we had a table before he even parked the car.
At dinner I could see he was not feeling well but not wanting the evening to end he asked if I wanted to go shopping? I could see in his eyes that he was in pain due to some physical ailments he has been dealing with so I decided now would be a good time to give him my gift. As a surprise to him I saved some money back from a job that I worked and rented the Bridal Suite near our home. It had a hot tub in the room which I knew he would really enjoy considering how much pain he had been in the past few weeks. He had no idea at all! I packed an over night bag and took it to the hotel that morning so he was clueless! I told him, "Now its time for me to give you my gift!" He was shocked because he no idea I had a surprise of my own. I reached in my purse and got the hotel card out, put it between both hands and gave it to him. Needless to say he was now overwhelmed! I was not the only one with tears in their eyes! Then he blew me away one more time. He said he had one more surprise for me. He pulled out a little red box and said, "Rachel, I love you more today then I did 15 years ago and I am so glad you are my wife." When I opened the box I started to shake and tears rolled down my cheeks because he gave me.....

my wedding ring! About two years ago it broke and we did not have the money to fix it. I could not ware it at and I missed it everyday. Often I would just pull it out and look at it and I longed to have it back. I looked for it a the day of our date because I wanted to have it with me on our date even if in my purse but I could not find it. I thought I lost it and my heart was heavy. Getting the ring this time was even more special then getting it the day of our wedding because I know the sacrifice that went into getting it fixed. God truly blessed me with my Prince Charming. Although the path this 15 years has not always been easy I never wavered knowing God put us together and God makes no mistakes. I am thankful on this Thanksgiving for my husband and I look forward to many, many, many more years with him. Thank you honey for making me feel like a Princess and for making me Mrs Littleton

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  1. What a wonderful time Rachel!! I love it! Your ring is beautiful! I am glad you had such a great time!