Thursday, January 14, 2010

Death & Damages

We have major damage to buildings here in Haiti. The destruction is beyond repair. Numerous buildings will need to be torn down and re-built. Temporary structures will need to be erected in the meantime. We are still reviewing the overall damage to our 22 elementary schools and High School.

Here is the latest update on deaths:
• a kindergarten teacher died

• three of our school children died, one from Birey and two from Amber-Pere

• numerous people died in Leogane when buildings collapsed

Here is the latest update on building damage:

• two elementary school buildings were damaged beyond repair

• our medical clinic building is damaged beyond repair

• our Bordmer office is damaged beyond repair

• two churches are damaged beyond repair

• we have Haitian men travelling to each location reviewing damage and we will have another updated list of building damage. We will need to re-build.

As of now, our top priority is hiring nurses for each of our 22 elementary school locations and High School to provide medical care in the aftermath of this historic earthquake. As children may experience infections or illness and have increased first-aid needs, we will be right in their area available to meet the need.

The amazing sight in the middle of all the tragedy was villagers singing songs of praise along the road last night. The power of the Gospel prevails. Today, we distributed food to two villages and all our schools already have food on hand to cook and prepare as children return to school very soon. Immediately, we will purchase more rice and bulgur (wheat) to meet the needs in the surrounding villages. On January 26, we will ship a 40ft cargo container to Haiti with necessary medical clinic supplies and construction supplies.

The mission team is safe here at New Missions. We have food, water, and diesel fuel on hand to last for at least one month. Concentrated efforts from Central Florida are being organized to help provide transportation for the team here to leave as soon as possible. We thank God for his protection.

Serving together,Timothy DeTellis

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