Monday, January 11, 2010


As soon as cold weather hits, I love to have the candles lit! We don't burn wood in the fire place because it needs a new topper (not sure the name of it) and that is on the bottom of the repair list. Since we can't use it, I decided one year to put a few candles inside. I added a few shrubs and pine cones and it gives the living room a comforting feeling. During Christmas we had large Christmas balls inside. The candle light flickering on the balls was just beautiful.
Candles can be expensive so I keep an eye open at the thrift shop. Since I am burning them in the fire place it does not matter if they have already been burned a little or if they have an ugly picture on the front. In fact the small white one in front, has a nice photo of "Jesus" on the front! Something I would never purchase on its own but when I saw it at the thrift shop unlit for just $.49 cents, I just turned it around and it looks great in the fireplace! I found all the red ones in a bag for $1.99 and three of the white ones for just $.49 cents each.
We light them each evening along with more on the mantel. It makes for a relaxing evening and I don't know anyone who does not enjoy a relaxing evening at home!

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