Thursday, January 7, 2010

Break It Up or Let It Go?

Last evening I had to make a decision, break it up or let it go. The boys were in bed (they share a room with bunk beds) and I could hear them talking. I could hear soft talking, then our oldest would say "Good Job!" I decided to listen to what they were doing before telling them to be quiet and get to sleep. Our youngest received a Nintendo DS for Christmas and was looking forward to "texting" his brother from the top bunk! I know, we thought it was funny too! Anyway, after a little investigation I could tell they were texting but what cracked me up was that our oldest would say a spelling word and our youngest had to spell it and text it to him! So guess what I decided to do? Yep, just let it go! They "texed" spelling words for about 30 minutes then it got really quiet and they were sound a sleep! I guess that's what you call choosing your battles!

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